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Tips & Tricks

Learn DeSo best practices, avoid mistakes and get the most out of DeSo.

Buy your own coin, as early as possible

Follow my guide to create your DeSo account and learn why it's important to buy your own coin right out of the gate and how to do that.

Keep your seed phrase safe

Unless you created your account with Google, the seed phrase is your key to your account and your funds. It's not recoverable, cannot be changed and allows full access to anybody who gains possession.

Never ever give your seed phrase away or post it anywhere.

Do not copy&paste your seed phrase when logging in, rather type it in manually, to not accidentally later paste it as a post. Alternatively, use a password manager which clears the clipboard after login.

Don't fall for gifting accounts

There are accounts like @giftclout who will send you some $DESO for free on request. While this might not be scam in and of itself, be aware that such early buyers of your Creator Coin, while its price is at its all-time-low, gain a lot of power over your account in the long run. Only ever accept such a deal if you already bought enough of your own coin to greatly outnumber their offer.

Beware of scammy accounts

For example, if you are offered $DESO for cash or something like that, think twice. Check the account's background thoroughly before getting involved.


Any advice you want others to heed? DM me @thorsten.