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Set up your profile

Have you already bought your own coin? If not, buy your own coin now first and come back thereafter.

As DeSo is all about investing in other people and their creations, it's important to fill in your profile and introduce yourself.


Enter your username you'd like be known by. Usernames are unique, so the one you want may already be taken. If so, choose another one, just don't let it blank.

If you don't find the perfect name right now, you may change it at any time later.


Introduce yourself and include links to your homepage, blog or other social media accounts.

People want to get to know you and your creations, before they decide to interact and invest.


I recommend posting a photo of yours, or an avatar you are already known by on other platforms.

Founder Reward Percentage

You can set your Founder Reward to anything between 0 and 100%. This is your "share", whenever someone buys your coin. The Founder Reward is paid to you in $DESO.

For example, say your Founder Reward is 20%. Someone buys 10 of your coins. Now they get 8 of your coins, and you get the equivalent of 2 of your coins transferred to your $DESO balance.

There are basically two ways to earn revenue from your own coin:

  1. Buying your own coin for a low price, selling it later for a higher price.
  2. Your Founder Reward.

While there is nothing wrong with 1., people tend to consider selling huge amounts of your own coin as "rug-pulling".

So, in my opinion, you should go with 2., choosing a sane Founder Reward of about 25%, depending on your content.

Try different settings over time and find out what works best for you and your audience.

Confirm your changes with Update Profile.

What's next?

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Enjoy DeSo 🚀💪❤