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Buying Bitcoin

Before buying Bitcoin, please remember, this site is not financial advice!

To buy Bitcoin with in your currency ($US, EUR, ...), you sign up to a Cryptocurrency Exchange.

There you deposit some money - usually via credit card or wire transfer - and buy cryptocurrencies such as BitCoin.

The process is similar on most platforms and described on their respective sites.

Basically, you do this:

  1. Sign up to a cryptocurrency exchange of your choice.
  2. Deposit money (in your own currency, called fiat). Remember to never invest more than you can afford!
  3. Use the deposited money and exchange it into BitCoin.

Once you have Bitcoin in your account, you can send it to your DeSo account.

Here's a list of popular Cryptocurrency Exchanges:

If you sign up using a link below, I receive a small commission - there are no disadvantages for you! I use those services myself and recommend them sincerely, not because of the affiliation.

Once you bought Bitcoin, you might want to swap them for $DESO.