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Buying your own coin

After setting up your profile, buying your own creator coin is the most important step when getting started on DeSo.

Why do I need to buy my own coin?

Actually, you don't need to buy any of your own coins, but it's highly recommended - especially right after you created your profile, and your coin's value is at it's all-time-low.

This allows you to buy a large amount of your own coins for a very low price. Those coins represent your fundamental share of "yourself" on DeSo - it's an investment in your future self on DeSo.

The longer you are on DeSo, and the more valuable content you share, the higher the price of your coin will rise, through people buying it. This not only makes it more expensive - for you as much as for anyone else - to buy your coins, it also increases the value of exactly those coins you bought in the beginning exponentially.

If all this does not make much sense to you now, please just take my word for it and buy some of your own coins now - and thank me later 😉

Buying your own coin

Go to My Profile and click Buy in the upper right corner:

Now enter the amount of your own coins to buy. Choose it carefully and be aware that you may lose all of it - and remember, this is not financial advice.

  • If you can easily afford it, we recommend buying about $US 10 - 100 of your coins (some wealthy users even spent thousands).
  • But even if you are on a tight budget, buy at least $US 1 worth of your coins.

Click Review and Confirm Buy.

Congratulations! You just invested in yourself 🎉

Now it's a good time to setup your profile.